In the context of an ever-changing IT ecosystem, refocusing resources and investments to the core business as well as rationalizing operating costs has become a strategic priority for many companies. In order to support you in this perspective, Net6tem has developed a service center offering comprehensive and scalable solutions for the management of your infrastructures and projects. Our service catalog includes the selection of high-skilled teams and technical staff able to provide, according to your needs: :

- project management
- IT operations and administration process
- application maintenance and technical support

Hosting and management of your technical platforms within highly available and secure data centers. Our tailor made solutions to better meet the specific needs of your organization and your specifications will guarantee cost optimization and expected flexibility while ensuring a high level of performance, availability and security.

Regarding their expertise, experience, flexibility and their increasing number, independant workers do now represent a key resource and a solution for your needs.

In this context, net6tem has designed the Free6tem platform in order to allow clients and freelancers to work more easily together thanks to a direct connection process and a collaboration framework which is transparent, streamlined and secure.

Our service is structured around two components :

Freelance Find : This module provides you an access to a large database of resources and to the expertise of a team dedicated to propose solutions to your specific needs. Our completely free and ergonomic platform, will allow you to select freelancers according to your criteria by watching his video and his resume.

Freelance Manage : This module allows a centralized management of all the freelancers working at your service. In this perspective, we provide administrative management, supervision and monitoring of the freelancers.

Visit the dedicated website : www.free6tem.com
Managers, employees, freelancers
you want
hone your skills or develop
new skills ?

We offer you a wide range of training for trained workers and experts and that for a wide range of IT and finance jobs. Our training centre
is built on

An approach based on tailor made solutions
Tailor made training solutions are developed to meet your specific needs: you set goals, we take care to establish a training plan tailored to your needs.

A team of experts and training professionals listening to you
The Teaching team at Net6tem consists of professional consultants, experts in their field and who have significant experience in coaching and training. Our expertise ensures you a quality teaching constantly updated to bring you an insight into market trends.

Contact us to receive our training catalog :
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In partnership with universities and engineering schools, Net6tem deployed a platform for research and development in order to enable the design and development of prototypes specified under in-house work or responding to the specifications of our customers.

Tool for technological excellence, our center is intended to accommodate innovative projects and implementing the means to achieve them.

Net6tem is a group specialized in the sourcing of competences and procurement of high value added services.
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The passion for our work, our commitment to serve our clients and our environment.
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